m-Health App is developed by Saiesh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd(SiSpL), a new gen organization formed by a group of seasoned professional having expertise and experience in IT/ BPO /ITES .

Our Vision is to create “Value Addition through Disruption” m-Health App enables you to reach out to and avail host of diagnostic services and Ayurveda Therapies at the comfort of your home. All these services are available at your doorstep with just the click of a button. You also have access to doctors andtherapists in your neighbourhoodand the ease to book an appointment through our app. We will soon be having allthe major, hospitals and diagnostic centres as our partners , thus giving you the luxury of availing the services of the hospital of your preference at your doorstep.

"We are purely an app based company having all the operations through the app only."


mHealth-App is a boon for both Working Professionals as well as Senior Citizens.

As a working professional , you are completely hard pressed with time. Your hectic and busy schedule hardly leaves you with time for the routine check up or for availing any diagnostic services in the hospital. These check ups are always postponed or kept in abeyance till an emergency situation erupts.

mHealth-App empowers you to go avail these services , without your schedule being disturbed. Be it an early morning or a late evening slot, you can book these services to be availed at your doorstep at your convenience.

As a senior citizen you find it an obstacle or a hazard to beat the traffic woes and travel to a hospital or diagnostic centre . You are mostly depended on the younger generation to take you the hospital or diagnostic centre, who in turn are tied up with their busy schedules.

mHealth-App gives you the ease and flexibility to avail these services in the convenience of your home. You don’t have to sweat it out in the traffic nor do you needto miss your morning/ evening walk or chit chat with your friends.